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FIXED: Possible to reevaluate”continue shopping” or with a filter. FIXED: Continue Shopping button visible for Mobile screens. FIXED: Various SEO Improvements. FIXED: design problems & Various CSS and improvements. FIXED: Various CSS, design issues and improvements. FIXED: Outdated template files for Flatsome 2x. (2.9.8) — 3.3.1 (05.04.17) — FIXED: Product Zoom for Vertical Image Gallery. FIXED: Outdated WooCommerce 3.

FIXED: Possible to override”continue shopping” or with a filter. FIXED: Continue Shopping button observable for Mobile screens. FIXED: Various SEO Improvements. FIXED: design difficulties & Different CSS and improvements. FIXED: Various CSS, layout issues and progress. FIXED: Outdated template files for Flatsome 2x. (2.9.8) — 3.3.1 (05.04.17) — FIXED: Product Zoom for Vertical Image Gallery. FIXED: Outdated WooCommerce 3.1 Template documents. FIXED: Theme Options in Child Themes did not open. The upgrades have comprised full width choices for writings page templates using sliders, and also many icons for linked in. FIXED: Duplicated Share icons on product page. Create sub-par navigation. NEW: page-header element. FIXED: Google Rich Snippets on Product Page. I mentioned before live time is measured by the Google algorithm together among the deciding factors in SEO.

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Episode 43 - Alan Gates talks Hive (Part 2) - Roaring ElephantThe key thing is that one size does not fit all. NEW: Option to change content size. FIXED: Dropdown content size didn’t focus on November. NEW: Option to remove the drop down arrow. NEW: Option to modify border radius. FIXED: Drop Shadow (Depth) onto Hover on columns currently works. 3.3.6 (01.07.17) — NEW: Added payment icon for both AfterPay and Swish (SE). NEW translations added. NEW language added. NEW: Russian Translations added. UPDATED: Russian translation (thanks petition ) — 3.3.7 (03.07.17) — FIXED: Couldn’t start and then edit Blocks from admin. 2.9.9 (Old Flatsome) — Fixed: Outdated WooCommerce 3.0.3 files Fixed: Images did not change if changing variations. 3.3 — (04.04.17) NEW: Full Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0. NEW: New Checkout Style (Simple Style).

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NEW: New Image Lightbox for Product Pages (WooCommerce 3.0 lightbox with signature service ). 3.3.2 (07.04.17) — FIXED: Various translation strings in WooCommerce 3.0 did not do the job. FIXED: Various translation strings. FIXED: Updated speech . FIXED: Updated Theme JS Plugins to newer versions. CHANGED: Updated Instagram icon into the newest logo. Changed: Made it a lot more easy to reevaluate lots of purposes in /inc folder in a Child Theme. The majority of the WordPress themes offered in the subject directory in the state WordPress web site, encourage layout that is responsive. Site design advancement (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) aptitudes can work amazing things in establishing you up personally as an unquestionable requirement have advantage for computerized promoting groups. It is also possible to decide to try CAOS Fonts , or hosting them locally converting them into web fonts using Transfonter by downloading them from Google Fonts, and adding them to your CSS. FIXED: design difficulties & Different CSS. FIXED CSS layout issues. FIXED: Lists in texts had align that were erroneous.

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FIXED: Ordered OL lists mode. FIXED: Category header for Custom Taxonomy and Product Tags. NEW: Option to include Bottom and Top Content to Shop Taxonomy Category Tags and pages. 3.3.4 (16.04.17) — NEW: Option to incorporate class to Buttons from UX Builder. NEW Text Transform management for Widget Titles and Buttons, Section Titles. FIXED: Better translation control for plurals at Countdown Element. FIXED: Stars on Testimonials visible without WooCommerce busy. Million installations that are busy. It has Caching. There are several possibilities for caching. Expert: This is the fastest caching way to function super cached HTML files but takes a modification of your.htaccess files. Installing plenty of plugins can bring an enormous amount of junk to blog files and your website. On the majority of these websites you may add affiliate or advertising marketing online (explained below) to help make you money. NEW: Add links to Icon Boxes. FIXED: Links in Image Boxes has been messing up the layout.

FIXED: Improved My Account Orders View to Mobile. FIXED: Quick View did not operate with WP-Rocket. FIXED: Login popup from webpage. Create page names that are beautiful . We’ve discussed long-form content, and it is a means. What’s the ideal method to increase traffic? Howeverthere are as possible other business web sites which likewise provide exactly the exact products and you need to ensure that your site gets traffic out of the web so that you can earn the sales. Actually, Google has just implemented a new policy which may deter websites searching engine positions, which don’t possess a mobile-optimized variant in these content. Exchange links with websites that are relevant — exchange links with quality websites in your area. FIXED: Author links failed to focus with blog article style that was featured.